SJ500 Spherical Joint – Big Boy on the Team

Mitchell Porch

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SJ500 Spherical Joint – Big Boy on the Team

Reell’s family of SJ spherical joints recently added a new member to the crew and grew! This multi-axis motion control unit provides up to 8.00Nm of torque! Think monitor type mounting with the ability to adjust 60° up, down, side to side or wherever. Think motion stop: Adjust it where you want it and it stays. Undoubtedly this unit is a beast compared to its counter parts and we’re excited to see how and where it gets applied. It should be noted that you will need a female M10 on the receiving end to support this unit. Make sure that you torque it to the correct spec (35-45Nm) so that it doesn’t spin off with normal use. Furthermore the SJ500 is rated for 50,000 cycles through out its life and it will not disappoint with Reell’s premium and reliable quality standards.

Read more about Reell’s release of the SJ500 here on their news page. If the SJ500 is more torque than you want (4-8Nm), perhaps a little sibling would be a better option. The SJ200 offers a 0.2 or 0.4Nm torque and comes with a standard M4 mounting stud. The SJ300 offers 1.0 or 2.0Nm of torque and has a standard 1/4-20 mounting stud.

For more engineering related information, here is a link to Reell’s webpage with everything you want to know (besides pricing) for specifying an SJ, snagging a step file or installation instructions:

Reach out directly for samples, pricing or general questions – we are eager to support your new product development!

~Mitchell Porch