Specifying a Friction Hinge

Mitchell Porch

Are you looking for the right friction hinge or torque element so that you have controlled motion, precise positioning and smooth adjustments? Use Reell’s “Hinge Selection Guide” to quickly sort through hundreds of products and narrow down your options. Also, watch this video for an overview of how I walked through this same process for an example proof of concept …

Rotational Alignment – Green Knob

Josh Motlong

The green knob demonstrates a Polymagnet pattern that offers rotation between portrait and landscape mode. This pattern is fairly simple, so there are a few stocked solutions designed for different sized tablets and smart phones. It is a very scalable pattern that could be specified for a customized weight and sized application. One thing I like about this magnet is …

Twist Latch – Quick Release Polymagnet

Mitchell Porch

The “Blue knob” is an excellent demonstrator of a quick release mechanism that offers secure holding or locked position with a “twist to release” function that is a breeze to operate. This is one of the demonstrators found in the Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit discussed here: https://motionmechanisms.com/product/deluxe-polymagnet-demo-kit/

Material Insights – Polymagnets

Mitchell Porch

Material ConneXion created this insightful introductory video to the Polymagnet pairing functions for spring, latch and twist-latch systems.