Rotational Alignment – Green Knob

Josh Motlong

The green knob demonstrates a Polymagnet pattern that offers rotation between portrait and landscape mode. This pattern is fairly simple, so there are a few stocked solutions designed for different sized tablets and smart phones. It is a very scalable pattern that could be specified for a customized weight and sized application. One thing I like about this magnet is …

Twist Latch – Quick Release Polymagnet

Mitchell Porch

The “Blue knob” is an excellent demonstrator of a quick release mechanism that offers secure holding or locked position with a “twist to release” function that is a breeze to operate. This is one of the demonstrators found in the Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit discussed here:

Material Insights – Polymagnets

Mitchell Porch

Material ConneXion created this insightful introductory video to the Polymagnet pairing functions for spring, latch and twist-latch systems.